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Trumpeter & composer Frank London is a member of the Klezmatics and Hasidic New Wave, has performed with John Zorn, LL Cool J, Mel Torme, Lester Bowieπs Brass Fantasy, LaMonte Young, They Might Be Giants, David Byrne, Jane Siberry, Ben Folds 5, Mark Ribot, Maurice El Medioni and Gal Costa, and is featured on over 100 cds. Don’t miss this change to see a local legend in action!


 Moscow Gypsy Army


Gypsy Roma (Romani) dance, acoustic music, and song ensemble “Moscow Gypsy Army” established in New York City, USA in 2001. The group performs Gypsy standards including “Dark Eyes”, “Two Guitars”, classic pieces including “Chardash”, ballads, tangos, waltzes and a growing number of popular songs. The show was invited to perform at the Untermyer Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, New York for the summer series of international and ethnic music and dance, for the New York Gypsy festival in 2010, lavish wedding of Anna Anisimova (a.k.a Russian-American Paris Hilton), the daughter of Russian aluminum magnate Vassily Anisimov.

Legendary Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko (1927-2009) has hired “Moscow Gypsy Army” to accompany her performance in New York City in 2008. Famous Russian Gypsy singer Vasily Yankovich-Romani who was named the best Gypsy Roma singer in the United States has joined the group for the concert at the Great Falls Performing Arts Center in Paterson, New Jersey (2009).

Moscow Gypsy Army (Russian: «Московская цыганская армия») is available for corporate events, fashion shows, sporting events, theme parties, product launches, promotional events and other private or corporate functions and events in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, other states, and internationally as one powerful ensemble of ten musicians, eight dancers, and six singers or in smaller groups to fit into any budget.


Alessandra Belloni 


Alessandra Belloni is the Artistic Director, Founder and Lead Performer of “I GIULLARI DI PIAZZA”, an Italian Music, Theatre and Dance Ensemble who  is Artists-in-Residence at the Cathedral of St.John the Divine in New York City.  She is also the designer of a line of signature series Italian tambourines made by Remo, and of special brushes for tambourine with  Regal Tip. She is the only woman in the U.S. and in Italy who specializes in traditional Southern Italian folk dances and percussion  combined with singing that she learned in Southern Italy.




Old East Europe in a journey to the west: Madarka brings interpretations of mostly traditional music… Madarka “Little Bird” is an odd mashup of old Eastern Europe, played as imagined by a diverse mix of Americans. Except for Katiln, vocalist, a native of Hungary.

Madarka’s sound is a mix of traditional dance tunes, Hungarian, Gypsy and Yiddish songs, Russian restaurant music and more—including jazz and Southern Old Time Fiddle.

Katlin is a powerful singer in her native language. The intensity of her singing makes even Hungarian, arguably the world’s most abstruse language, transparent. Kati and Harry performed several years ago under a different band name at Golden Fest. They perform in Hungarian, Roma, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino… and sometimes in English!



Ellina Graypel


Ellina Graypel is an award-winning Russian singer, songwriter, film and theater composer. She is the author of more than 700 compositions for rock n roll, jazz, and folk ensembles, as well as musicals and short films. Student of grand Russian composer Larisa Kritskaya. Her performance resume includes venues; Webster Hall, former The Ritz, FOX TV, Hammerstein Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Rockwood Music Hall, Don Hills, CBGB’s, Living Room, Arlene’s Grocery and many more.




Formed in the back alleys of Montreal in 2007, Bad Uncle started out as an accordion/drummer duo of no-goodniks singing songs of graveyard lust and drunken mistakes. Growing from a two-piece into several mutations of up to six musicians, Bad Uncle has gigged extensively in Montreal, all over the rest of Quebec, the East and West coasts of Canada, New York City, Middle Earth and the ocean floor. Their sound is an eclectic violation of old world music. A gypsy, sci-fi, metal, surf hybrid that is difficult to explain without a thesaurus.

Bad Uncle is currently a four piece band (stand-up bass, accordion, drums, guitar) with 6 albums under their belt, including a circus themed rock opera, and an experimental, community multi-track, orgy album.


Choban Elektrik + Ornamatik 


If a prog rock power trio had ever sprung up in the mountains of Albania, it would have sounded like Brooklyn’s Choban Elektrik (“Electric Shepards”). They use the vintage grit and funk of the Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes, along with drumset and electric bass to open up new facets of Albanian, Macedonian, Greek and Armenian traditional songs. The band adds this classic American soulful sound to the music of the Balkans in a far reaching open jazz rock approach that combines influences from across the spectrum of world music.

The results burst with crackling distorted guitar lines ripping through odd Albanian meters (“Beratche from Prespa”), traditional Greek dance tunes gone deeply funky (“Koftos”), and mysteriously dreamy space-outs for Caucasus wedding parties (the wonderfully titled “Mom Bar”). Slow-burning melodies unwind as whammy bars and Leslie speakers take old songs in a radically new and powerful direction.


Schedule coming soon.


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